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The Bluebird Two

DIY Indie from ATL, GA


From the moment we open our eyes, music is shaping the world around us: the comforting hum of the coffee maker, the melody of laughter over dinner, the songs we turn on when we are feeling our best and even our worst. Music is everywhere, moving and shaping us everyday, and for Seth and Lindsey of The Bluebird Two, it is the very foundation of their lives. Meeting back in 2017, Seth and Lindsey had their separate successful music careers; Lindsey being a trained vocalist and stage actor and Seth having a degree in music performance and composition. They both possessed a unique skill set and perspective on the sound and form of music. What started as a flirty late night conversation over concert tickets and dream collaborations, turned into a happy marriage and the beginning of The Bluebird Two.


Writing music was always easy for Seth. His ability to compose melodies and chord patterns helped him lay the strong foundation of the duo’s original music. “I’ve been writing music for a long time,” Seth says. “I have countless riffs that just come to my head while playing my guitar and I think ‘how can we build on this?’ Writing the music aspect of a song is pretty easy for me, it’s the lyrics that can sometimes stop the wheels from turning.” And cue Lindsey’s entrance.


Lindsey is the epitome of a right brained human. Her entire life has been built on creativity and using her imagination. “I draw, paint, sing, act, write prose and poetry and basically anything that allows me to express myself,” she describes herself. Lindsey knew how to sing and put on a good show but writing music was something she never experienced before. After meeting Seth and adding harmony to his melody, Seth decided it was time to push Lindsey out of her musical comfort zone.

Seth composed a love song, wrote the first verse and the chorus and sent Lindsey the audio file. “Write the second half for me. I think it needs another perspective,” Seth said. After 20 minutes and a few happy tears, Lindsey sent back her verses and their love song “Lighthouse” was born. This formula of Seth’s musical ear with the addition Lindsey’s imaginative lyrics became the winning combination to the success of the duo.


Now 5 years in the making, The Bluebird Two is ever growing and ever changing. “Music is alive and breathing and constantly changing. It can be whatever it wants to be. It’s up to us to honor the music that we feel inside of us. It would be a disservice to force ourselves into just one musical box.” Lindsey says. Along with making their own music, Seth and Lindsey love to be inspired by and learn the songs they love to listen to. Their carefully curated cover sets have a little something for every type of music lover. “If you don’t like something you hear, just wait a few minutes. I promise it’ll change.” Seth says from the stage at nearly all of their shows.

Regardless of what type of music they play or how many songs they write, one thing will always remain true and steadfast for The Bluebird Two, “We love making music and we thank you all for being a part of that.”


The Bluebird Two


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    Daydream Lover

    2021 · Single
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  1. The Third Door

    131 Church St NW, Marietta, GA 30060-1601
  2. Qualusi Vineyards

    440 Blossom Trl, Acworth, GA 30101
  3. Broken Anchor Winery

    3335 Cobb PKWY, Suite 930, Acworth, GA 30101
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  5. Qualusi Vineyards

    440 Blossom Trl, Acworth, GA 30101